Power line compensation and electricity pylon claims – our FAQ guide

Owners of property affected by pylons and/or oversailing power lines have often been pleasantly surprised by the value of compensation that we have been able to claim on their behalf. The regional and national power companies that operate this apparatus have £millions budgeted to settle these claims as they are acknowledged liabilities, but do not publicise the fact for obvious reasons. We are able to maximise these one-off claims because of our detailed knowledge of the relevant legislation, our valuation and negotiating skills, together with access to comparable settlements to substantiate our claims.

Here are a number of frequently asked questions relating to power line compensation and electricity pylon claims which you may find useful.


Do I qualify for compensation?

You do, subject to a settlement not having previously being accepted for the subject apparatus if you have a pylon, and/or oversailing wires within or over land owned by the same or related owner as the affected property(s).


Why do I need help to negotiate the settlement?

The settlement is based on your property’s value ignoring the affect of the apparatus, which is obviously a valuation exercise. The second important factor is that of the correct percentage or multiplier to apply to the capital value. The electricity company will apply as low a figure as they can and they will have low figures from previous settlements made usually with inexperienced agents or private individuals. We have our own comparables that we regularly share with surveyors that specialise in this service to keep abreast of the latest evidence.

What if the pylon or oversailing wires were in situ before I bought or built my property?

Absolutely no problem. There is nothing to prevent you claiming in these circumstances. Unless there has already been a settlement agreed.


Does accepting the large cash sum prejudice my rights as a property owner?

The electricity company’s rights over your property are no greater or lesser than before you make the claim. They must still ask your permission to enter your property, obviously in cases of emergency, pre or post settlement electricity companies have certain statutory powers.


What if the electricity company want to increase their apparatus after I have accepted the settlement?

Quite simply, the settlement received is ignored and fresh negotiations will take place in respect of the revised specification of apparatus. They pay for what is present at the time of the settlement, in our settlements there are no rights for additional apparatus free of charge.


What if the electricity company want to remove their apparatus after I have received the settlement?

Quite simply they make arrangements to remove it, reinstate your property, pay for any damage and that is the end of it. You most certainly will not be asked or required to refund any or all of monies received.


How much does Ferguson Broadbent’s specialist expertise cost?

We charge 18% + VAT of any settlement received by our client. This is the lowest rate charged by any RICS regulated, pylon compensation specialist in the UK. Although we charge, the added value that we create through hard negotiation with the electricity company should outweigh our commission charged.