Areas of Expertise

Planning and Development Consultancy Advice

In many cases Landowners may have only one opportunity to maximise the potential of development land. We can provide advice whether it is to assemble and manage the necessary professional team of advisors for the client who wishes to make his own planning application. Alternatively for clients who may not have the time or available funds we are able to carefully appraise and advise on the most suitable strategy for sale disposal. Our specialist knowledge of negotiating land promotion agreements, options sales and conditional contracts enables us to provide our clients to proceed with reassurance and confidence. We are happy to discuss

Palnning & Development

Compulsory Purchase and Land Compensation

In an ever more litigious world there can be no substitute for specialist professional knowledge in technical areas of property law. Ferguson Broadbent is one of a relatively small number of surveyors who can offer this service. In this field our expertise ranges from application to compensating authorities to purchase blighted properties, objections to compulsory purchase orders, advice to landowners and occupiers as to their statutory the rights, the compilation and submission of formal claims and the negotiation of compensation settlements. Although the vast majority of claims are successfully concluded by agreement sometimes it is necessary to obtain legal advice from a solicitor or barrister with specialist knowledge. We are fortunate to have excellent working relationships and with some of the leading lawyers, and are pleased to assist clients whether they require a legal opinion or are considering a reference to the Lands Tribunal.

Pylons and Electricity Apparatus

Owners of property affected by pylons and/or oversailing wires have often been pleasantly surprised by the value of compensation that we have been able to claim on their behalf. The regional and national power companies that operate this apparatus have £millions budgeted to settle these claims as they are acknowledged liabilities, but do not publicise the fact for obvious reasons. We are able to maximise these one off claims because of our detailed knowledge of the relevant legislation, our valuation and negotiating skills and extensive resource of comparables to substantiate our claims.

Without our experience, comparables, negotiation skills and assistance, achieving the maximum possible settlement would be so much more difficult and time consuming. Do give us a call and discuss what we can achieve for you.

Access by Utility Companies

Often, these companies approach farmers and land owners for consent to access land to carry out maintenance or capital works. What they do not tend to mention is the land owners’ and occupiers right to receive appropriate professional representation at the utility companies expense. We would be delighted to offer you the highest standard of service, at no cost to you, and take full advantage of your bargaining position to provide you with compensation and other benefits. In a recent case a client was approached for consent for works to over head lines, we agreed consent and got him, at no charge a 3-phase power supply to his buildings!

Access by Utility Company

Highway or other Compulsory Purchase Schemes

If you are threatened by having land or property compulsorily acquired or such a scheme is likely to take place nearby, which causes you concern over the depreciation in the value of your property, speak to us. We can serve Blight Notices, requiring acquisition of your property by the authority which entitles Home Loss Payment, Stamp Duty payments, legal fees paid etc, etc. You do not have to wait until the problem becomes a reality.

Sound working knowledge of the legislation, rights and processes, along with lateral thinking can turn a ‘threat’ into a commercial opportunity.

Highway or other compulsory Purchase Schemes

Property Sales and Acquisition

Acquiring and disposing of property can be dealt with in numerous ways. We can advise as to how you can maximise your sale value or minimise your purchase cost. We can also make discrete contact on your behalf to acquire property that is not necessarily on the market.

Property Sales and Aquisition


We will gladly assist with the marketing and letting of all types of property. We offer a wide range of services from identifying would-be tenants to a fully managed service.

When a tenant is found, we will negotiate heads of terms and draft a lease or simple licences, set up standing orders, collect the deposit and hand over the property. We will introduce lessors only, or can fully manage the whole process, or offer a level of service anywhere in between.


Landlord & Tenant – Agricultural, Residential and Commercial Issues

Anything from rent reviews, to negotiation and drafting of leases, negotiation of succession of agricultural tenancies. Landlords or tenants we can provide a common sense and efficient service to suit your requirements. The correct drafting of leases and agreements are very often an overlooked necessity. Either landlords try to make do with their own agreement or solicitors can become very long winded and expensive. Our bespoke leases are based on a standard format. They are quick to produce, reasonably priced and fair to both parties.

Landlord & Tenant


We provide a wide range of services to our rural clients including planning advice and applications, diversification, rent reviews, compensation/insurance claims, succession and even the drafting of leases for small on-farm let premises. We will gladly work with you and your other professional advisors to ensure that every aspect of the matter in hand is carefully considered to ensure your investment potential is maximised. We have a proven track record in securing planning consent for agricultural dwellings and new buildings.


Non-Domestic Business Rates

Every business is, or should be looking at its overheads. There are several ways to do this in respect of ‘rates payable’. It is not simply a case of being charged the correct Rateable Value. It is more a case of making the most of the reliefs available to your business. We may be able to save you a substantial proportion of your annual rates charge for the current financial year and probably the next 5 years.

Non-Domestic Business Rates


There are numerous requirements for valuations; probate, insurance claims, insurance cover, inheritance tax planning, inter-family arrangements. We can offer a prompt and efficient service.

We understand that different circumstances require a different thought process before confirming potentially important opinions of value in writing.


Wind Farm and Other Diversification

Diversification opportunities are wide and varied. Why not invite us onto your farm to help you consider any ideas that you might have? Our visit and assistance might help you make your ideas a reality. We can also identify opportunities that you might not have thought of yourself!

Wind Farms

For compensation claims you can only appoint one company to act on your behalf so choose Ferguson Broadbent - the UK’s most successful RICS regulated property compensation consultants on 01536 273695 or 07789 798879 for more information on this or any of our other services.