Testimonials & Compensation Secured

Pylon Compensation Claim

We have settled and are negotiating numerous claims on behalf of clients whose properties are affected by pylons and/or over sailing wires between pylons.

In one case, a client received a payment for the depreciation in the value of his building plot, with a later payment received after the dwelling had been built. This provided a very substantial cash injection to a costly project. Also, in this instance the client will receive a further fixed percentage of the value of any more non-agricultural developments within his holding.

In another case, pylons prevented development of a clients’ land for various technical reasons including the precedent that the proposed development must be at least ‘height and a half’ away from the over sailing wires and pylons. Although consent for the development had not been granted, compensation was paid to our land owning client.

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Agricultural Matters – Rent Reviews and negotiations with Landlords

In September 2009, rather surprisingly our clients’ Landlord called a meeting following his earlier submission of a Section 12 Rent Review notice. We soon settled for our client, who benefitted from a 12% reduction in the rent payable for the holding!

Another client was approached by his Landlord, who wanted him to enter into a new Tenancy Agreement, which was exactly the same as the original we were told, “as part of an effort to tidy up Estate matters….” What this would have meant, was that the Landlord would have entitled himself to 100% Inheritance Tax Relief, potentially worth a substantial amount of money with little benefit being handed to the Tenant. We ended up agreeing; a rent freeze for 9 years, a joint tenancy rather than sole tenancy, thereby saving the expense and rig moral of an application for succession which frankly we did not have a strong chance of winning, various repairs and improvements to the house and buildings, various previously un-agreed tenant’s improvements being recorded on a written down basis and an agreement against any future dilapidation claims being made by the Landlord. A mutually beneficial outcome for all concern.

During a busy harvest time, a client ordered a quantity of diesel. What he received was kerosene. The problem was, by the time anyone realised the diesel tank had been filled with the wrong fuel the diesel powered dryer was unusable. The farm tractors were unable to re-fuel and to make matters worse, the driver in his panic spilt a quantity of kerosene in the yard which ran into the drains. Our client was soon up and running again and following our extensive claim for his losses and inconvenience – and ended up several thousand pounds better off.

Agricultural Matters

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